Pallet Rack System Components

Pallet racking system is one of the most common racking and storage solutions that is deployed for storage of various goods. The complete structure of pallet racks is fabricated with use of various components. To design and fabricate the pallet racks, one should deeply understand the various common terminologies or the pallet racks components used in the fabrication of pallet racks storage system

Some terminologies or Components used in a Pallet Racking System are covered below

  • Angle Deflector in Pallet Racks: angle deflector in a pallet racking system are welded joints or bolted joints in a pallet storage racking system. The welding or bolting is done during the fabrication process of the pallet racking system. These Angle Deflectors in pallet racking system are designed to deflect impact and are placed on upright frames in areas susceptible to damage.
  • Cement Frame Anchor in Pallet Racks: In a pallet racking system, where an anchor connects the pallet uprights to the cemented floor, cement frame anchor is always recommended
  • Corrugated Decking in Pallet Racking System: In a pallet racking system, the Corrugated Decks are mainly used on pallet storage racks to create a shelf level that is flush with the beam providing a smooth loading and unloading operation of the products stored on the pallet racks
  • Cross Beamin Pallet Racks: In a pallet racking system, the cross beams comprises of beam tube cut to a specific size and is provided with a welded connector ears on either ends. Two cross beams create one beam level in a rack system.
  • Drum Coil Bedin Pallet Racks: For storage of drums or barrels in a pallet raking system, the drum coil bed is specially designed for storage of drums or barrels in a pallet raking system
  • Frame Column Guard in Pallet Racking System: Column guards are anchored to the floor or bolted to the front of the pallet rack upright frame, protecting it from forklift damage.
  • Frame Floor Guard in Pallet Racks: In a pallet racking system this components is mainly used to safeguard the outer end of aisle frames of the pallet racking system. The Floor guards run along the outside of the upright and wrap around in front maximizing protection in high traffic areas.
  • Frame Upright in Pallet Racks: The pallet rack uprights primarily comprises of two frame columns in ter connected by steel channels that are welded into place. The steel channels are cut at different sizes determined by the depth of the upright frame and rack system. A starter bay of pallet rack storage consists of two upright frames that are connected by a minimum of two cross beam levels.

Although there are various other terminologies that are used in a pallet storage racking system that will be covered later.

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