For maximum utilization of space  we offer a wide range of Giraffe Stackable Racks. These racks are manufactured with superior quality raw material ( High tensile strength steel)  and can easily stored large and bulky items. Durable and precision engineered, our range can store commodities of different sizes. Our Giraffe stackable racks products combine superior products protections and the stability of steel stacking frames with the load capacity and handling efficiency of pallets. Giraffe Stackable Racks save valuable floor space by utilizing vertical air space and enable you to move more material in less time.


  • Giraffe stackable racks incorporate a fixed track design that can service systems much higher than standard lift equipment. Can be adapted to any size or weight of pallet
  • Stackable to save your warehouse space and efficient storage capacity.
  • The racks can be designed for different weight capacities and different sizes.
  • Makes stock control easy, since Stackable Racks has its own location.
  • Used for long-term or as temporary storage next to machining of work stations.
  • More storage in less space.
  • No need to leave aisles.
  • No empty shelves, just stack inside one another for storage when not in use.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Perfect for last-in, first out inventories. Just stack them against the wall as deep as you please.


  • Provides More Storage floor space which reduces the storage cost per square feet and provides height storage density with use of  stackable racks


  1. Industries
  2. Pharma Industries
  3. Warehousing
  4. Logistic companies
  5. Others


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