Industrial Mezzanines & Its Benefits

Industrial mezzanines are the ideal way to add extra office space or storage space to your existing building by constructing mezzanine. The mezzanines floors are installed within a permanent structure, but they themselves do not necessarily have to be permanent. Structural mezzanines, made from steel, are a combination of roof supports, columns, main beams, decks, stairs and handrails. All of these are strategically put together to help your facility save space -and potentially increase your bottom line.There are numerous reasons to consider an industrial mezzanine for your business, most importantly being their capabilities and cost-effectiveness.

The Benefits of an Industrial Mezzanine

  • Cost Effective – Compared to construction or relocation, industrial mezzanines are the most cost-effective solution for maximizing your storage and office space.
  • Customizable – Mezzanines can be custom designed by highly skilled engineers to suit your space and your usage requirements.
  • Additional Features – You can add modular offices, clean rooms, security gates, viewing platforms and even specialty flooring to your industrial mezzanine system.
  • Movable – If your business does decide to relocate down the road, your mezzanine system can move with you. Because they are not permanent fixtures, they can be moved and even readjusted so that they suit your new space.
  • Scalable – As your business grows, your mezzanine can grow with you. Material Storage Systems can help you expand and redesign your existing mezzanine to accommodate your expanding business.
  • Climate Control – If you have delicate products or need a specific temperature control, your mezzanine system can utilize your existing heating and cooling systems to maintain that temperature.
  • Mezzanines can be used for multiple applications and in various industries. Some of the main uses include:

Retail – A mezzanine floor in a retail location can provide store owners with more showroom, inventory or even administrative office space.
Storage and Production – Mezzanine floors are often used for second floors so that companies have places to store and produce their products. They can also be used as break rooms or offices – freeing up more space below for production.
Offices – More warehouses and distributors are creating mezzanines for their offices. This is faster to construct and less costly than a full remodel.

We at Giraffe Storage Solutions can also help you install your custom mezzanine by construction mezzanine floors for maximum efficiency and safety. Installation of mezzanines depends on the size and complexity of the system you’re ordering. To learn more about how a mezzanine can help your business, contact us using the contact us page of the website