How useful is it to tie single rows of rack to the wall?

It is generally not suggested to tie racks to the wall mainly because lateral forces generated from the building can be transferred to the racks and vice versa forces from the racks being transferred to the building, mainly applicable in seismic geographical zones. If wall ties are used, synchronization between the building civil engineer and the rack designing engineer should exist to ensure that the ties and any transmitted forces will not damage the rack or the building structures. The connection to the wall must be capable of transferring the required forces, and the connectors must be compatible with the wall material. If the height to depth ratio is such that a single row needs extra stability, heavy- duty anchor patterns with larger base plates or cross aisle tie configurations could be used rather than wall ties.


What Is A Frame Splice Channel?

Frame splice channels are used in upright frames to add height on to an existing upright frame when additional levels need to be added.This is mainly used to increase the storage density of the available floor space by using the aerial free space. For adding extra height to the existing rack frames, the base frame capacity should be known, this is to avoid any collapse of the complete rack frame structure after adding height. To increase the aerial height of the racks frame splice channel is welded in top of new frame.

What is A Pallet Rack Row Spacer?

Pallet Row spacers are used to connect rows of pallet rack (back to back). It is used in a flue space between the uprights to stabilize the rack system or provide clearance for building columns or other obstacles. Row spacers bolt onto each upright and connect the uprights together that provides higher stability and maintain uniform spacing between rows of the pallet racks.

What is A Row End Protectors?

Row end protectors are used on pallet racking systems with high traffic aisles. In high traffic , there are higher incidents of damage to the racking system caused by fast moving fork lift trucks. With the rising demand of improving the efficiency, industries are now using faster moving lift trucks in their warehouses. At higher operational speed, there can be more incidence of damages caused to racks. and safety of racks is compromised. The row end protectors are placed on the end of aisle frames at specific heights, offering added protection for the uprights from pallet and forklift damage.

What makes your Company Better Than Others For Racking Systems?

There may be other companies that make similar manual roll-out shelving racks, but none match our quality of construction. Listed below are a few of our features and benefits that enables us to have a competitive advantage over our nearest competitors.

  • We provide total turnkey storage solution under one roof
  • Providing “Purpose Built” solutions to help customers limit amount of floor space used and help customers improve ergonomics & safety
  • Built heavy duty (racks typically weighs 30-40% more than competition)
  • Stronger components (I-Beam roll-out channels are welded 3/8” & ½” material)
  • Racks ship 100% assembled, which allows all safety checks to be completed at our facility, before shipping
  • Products last a very long time with minimal maintenance
  • Provide all psot sales support years after initial purchase
  • Established brand name of GIRAFFE for over 3 decades of existence.

Drive In Racks

What Is Drive-In Racking & its Types?

Drive-in racking is the racking system where the pallets are placed in such a way that they can slide backwards on a rail, thus storing them more deeply and creating more space in the warehouse. Drive-In Racking involves the forklift entering the racking from one side to load or retrieve the pallets which are stored more deeply.

Drive In Racking are categorized as follows

  • Single entry racks involve racks that have forklift access to one side only
  • Double entry racks involve racks where forklifts can access both sides of the racking structure. A row of the racks at the center of this structure is held in place by a large beam.

When Should We Use Drive-In Racking?

Drive-In Racking are most preferred for racking and storage solution under the following situations

  • If you have products that need cold/freezer type storage.
  • If you have large amounts of similar products and a limited space then drive-in racking is probably your best option when it comes to storage.
  • If you have fragile product loads which cannot be stored in block stacks.

Why Is Drive In Racking Ideal For Storing Large Quantities?

Drive-in racking is ideal for storing large quantities of the same type of goods: your existing space can be used up to 90% more effectively with Drive-in racking compared to standard, conventional pallet storage systems.

Drive In Racking Provides

  • High density storage – maximising cubic space
  • More pallets stored per cubic metre than any other storage system
  • Limited stock rotation – particularly suitable for seasonal goods
  • Ideal for cold and chill storage applications
  • Accessible by the First-In, Last-Out principle
  • Used for bulk goods of the same type

Boltless Shelves

What are the advantages of Boltless shelving?

Boltless shelving also termed as Rivet shelving are very easy to install since there is minimal hardware involved, depending on whether or not a center support is used. It is only a mallet that is need in most of the cases. If we Compare Rivet Shelving / Boltless shelving to various other type of shelving solution for storage, Rivet shelving is most economical. Rivet shelving also provides a wide range of sizes that can be used for shelving and racking solution for storage solutions. Load bearing capacity of rivet shelves are quite high in term of storage density, thus making it the most ideal for high density, bulk and heavy storage applications. However on the downside, rivet shelving is not that attractive thus may not be ideal for those emphasizing on a spectacular final touch. Ideal storage solution that are deployed as Industrial Storage Solutions

What is Low Profile Boltless shelving And Its Applications?

Light Duty Low Profile Boltless Shelving is a lighter duty capacity boltless rivet shelving. Low Profile is mainly used for light storage with weight capacities of around 250 K.Gs per shelf. The typical commercial application of such low profile boltless racking system are listed below

  • Office storage
  • Office supplies
  • Light garage storage
  • Cleaning products
  • Kitchen storage
  • Small product storage
  • Archiving
  • Distribution centers

What Are The Parts or Components Of Rivet Racks

The complete structures of Rivet Racks / Boltless shelving comprises of various part that provide a complete heavy duty durable storage structure that are used as various components of Boltless Shelving / Rivet Racks. Some of these parts are also used for adding additional shelves to existing boltless shelves

Following are the various components or parts that are used to fabricate an durable boltless shelving system

  • Angle post
  • Tee Post
  • Single rivet shelf beam (standard & heavy duty)
  • Double rivet angle beam (standard & heavy duty)
  • Double rivet channel beam
  • Center supports
  • Tire rack beam
  • Tie plate
  • Post splice
  • Double row and top tie
  • Wall Tie

What Are Single Rivet High Density Storage Units

A storage structure or a racking system that is fabricated by using single rivet beams on intermediate levels, and double rivet beams at the top and bottom for rigidity. Single Rivet beam High Density shelving is a storage structure that is designed to provide for maximum vertical clearance between shelves. The producted stored stored in the racks or shelves of these storage units have ccess from all sides. This is possible because side and back cross braces are not necessary for stability. In such storage structures the Add-on storage units are quickly assembles without the need of any special tools and just by using a common tee post between units.

Typical Single Rivet Configuration

  • High Density Shelf Beams provide maximum space between shelf levels. Primarily used as an intermediate shelf support when maximum vertical space between levels is needed.
  • Common tee posts between starter and add-on unit
  • Shelf levels adjust on 1-1/2″ centers
  • Fast easy assembly
  • Optional heavy duty single rivet shelf beams available for added capacity

What is Boltless Shelving?

Boltless shelving is also terms as rivet racks and this type of shelving system is generally a stand alone unit used for raking and shelving solutions. As the name goes the boltless shelving are the storage structures that are fabricated and assembled without nut and bolt fasteners. The main objective of boltless shelving is the the design of boltless shelving systems that caters to provide an easily adjustable and quick-to-assemble shelving unit. In market there are various types of boltless modular shelving these boltless shelving racks utilizes number of different designs both for assembly and for basic structure. Some of the boltless shelves also rely on the hardware and assembly methods that can provide optimum strength to the overall fabricated structure as well as to simply hold the pieces together

Cantilever Rack

Why To Choose Cantilever Racking Systems?

Amidst of various racking and storage solution cantilever racks are often preferred by various users. Cantilever racking is rather easy to install and reconfigure. With the absence of actual shelves, adjusting the height and angle of the arms is simple and quick to do. Such flexibility in the shelving allows you to store a wide variety of loads. The configuration reduces handling time for long loads, increasing the productivity of your warehouse staff through making the stock more accessible. Additional arms can be purchased, varying the length, and allowing added storage possibilities for loads of all sizes and shapes.

Some common benefit summary:

  • cantilever racks are simple to use.
  • cantilever racks are adjustable and scalable.
  • cantilever racks are modular.
  • cantilever racks grow with your company’s needs and product fluctuations.

These are basically some of the unparalleled advantages of cantilever racks that makes it readily embraced by industries and warehouse manages looking for a flexible and modular storage solution

Why Do I Need a Cantilever Rack?

When expanding your business or reorganizing your warehouse, it is important to consider your storage options. Making the most of your space is always the main goal, but consider the functionality of your racking. Will you be able to easily stock and pull the necessary inventory if is palletized? If your products are long, will not fit on a pallet, and must be kept off the floor, then you probably need Cantilever Racking.Cantilever racks can provide heavy duty and racking systems. Depending on your needs and space you can opt for single side Cantilever Rack or even double sided Cantilever Rack all based on your storage requirements.

Is Cantilever Rack needed for warehouse?

There are many types of racking in the industry, and if you don’t do your research you might not use the best system for your needs. If you’re looking to store long, awkward, or bulky materials, cantilever racking might be the right match for your warehouse storage needs. These free standing systems have a unique functionality, offering no vertical obstructions in the storage area. This means you can fully utilize your vertical warehouse space and ultimately fully maximize your storage space. If you’re thinking cantilever racking might be what you need but want a little more information, then you can contact us and we can provide a complete report for implementing or the need of cantilever racks for your warehouse

What types of Products are Stored on Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks are most suitable for storing long products. These long products can be products like stacking lumber, PVC pipes and similar long materials on. They are also designed to handle the weight of heavy loads. The cantilever racks design makes it easier to load and unload the pallet racks. Some industries that that frequently deploys cantilever racks designs for storage solutions are Steel Industries, Automobile Industries, Chemical Industries,Tube& Pipe Industries (PVC or Steel), Wood Industries, etc. Depending on the space and the storage density cantilever racks can be single sided cantilever arm or double sided cantilever arms.

What is a Cantilever Rack?

Cantilever Racks is one of the most frequently deployed racking system that is an ideal racking and storage system for storing furniture, steel bars, pipe and tubing, lumber and other long, heavy items that must be kept off the floor. Easy and instant accessibility of goods stored on cantilever racks is a feature that makes it widely acceptable for storage of heavy loads. Since it is an ideal racking and storage system for heavy loads, these are also classified as heavy duty racking and storage system. Being modular in nature, additional arms, uprights and braces may be added as storage requirements change. The cantilever racks can be single sided or double sided.


What is the cost for new installation of cantilever Racks?

The cost of the cantilever racks storage system is based on the detail study and the storage requirements. Our team of professional / design crew can provide you with all the detail parameters that has an impact on the total cost of the installation of cantilever racks storage system. A written quote after a complete review will be provided by us that will provide you all information likes materials used, safe load carrying capacity of cantilever racks. If you utilize a third party, you will need to obtain pricing from them. Contact us for complete information and costing for your new installation of Cantilever Racks Storage solution. We provide cantilever racks for heavy duty and medium duty storage solutions. Quotes can be provided for both single side cantilever racks pr double side cantilever racks as per your needs.


Why Install a Mezzanine?

There are plenty of benefits for using a structural mezzanine in your warehouse. First, the installation process only takes a few weeks – which is much less time than it would take to construct a second wing or even move your business.

Second, the cost of a mezzanine is significantly less than relocation. And, because it is a capital purchase equipment, it may even help your business at tax time.

What about other associated works required For Mezzanines?

For mezzanines used for purposes other than storage, we can provide a full turnkey mezzanines construction and deployment, when creating mezzanine for Offices or mezzanine light assembly environments. We Design & Build associated partitions, ceilings, floors, aesthetics, electrics etc. Often the scope of project is beyond the mezzanine area itself & we can increase our involvement up to a complete Building Refurbishment. We have skilled team of engineers and provide turnkey mezzanine construction solution to provide a full Design & Specifying service on the basis of client requirement of mezzanine and relevant assorted work.

We can provide total solution for mezzanine construction and we are back by vast experience of design and deployment of numerous mezzanines. we have executed successfully mezzanine construction projects globally for various clients.

What about planning permission for mezzanine floors?

This totally depends on the size of the proposed mezzanines that is to be deployed in the warehouse

If the installation is within your existing warehouse or likely to be removed, such mezzanine expansions / alteration do not require planning permission – though if you lease your warehouse it is always wise to consult with the warehouse owner to avoid any legal issues post deployment of mezzanines or alterations of mezzanines

Government legislation on expansion of out-of-town retail developments depends on the rules and regulation of the local authorities and this also various from city to city and even country. Many time the expansion size limits can be a constraints and below a certain sie planning permission can be avoided but again this depends on the county and city. Thus mezzanine floors of less than that area can still be installed with no requirement for planning permission, as can additional floors.

Can I design my mezzanine floor myself?

The design of your mezzanine structure is a complex and involved task, with loading calculations and material specifications. As such it should be carried out only by qualified experts who are experienced in the design and deployment of mezzanine floors in a warehouse environment.

Ideally you should seek a supplier that can provide every element of your mezzanine floor requirement, from the initial requirements specification and assessment through to the design and installation of your unique, customised design to ensure it is suitable for all of your specific needs.

What are the costs involved For Mezzanine Floors?

The bulk of the costs involved will in for the mezzanine floor structure itself, so the costs depend heavily on the size and design of your proposed structure. Some costs which often end up stacking up and should be factored in right at the start include fire protection measures, safety barriers, emergency lighting, smoke and fire alarms and safety signage.

Make sure that your mezzanine floor provider accounts for these costs in your project budget, or you may get stung at the end of the process

Do I need building regulations approval for a mezzanine floor?

The simple answer is “Yes”.

Just about any mezzanine floor installation will require building regulations approval.
As part of their service, some mezzanine floor providers can assist with certain details that needed for all necessary regulations paperwork to your local planning authority in order to gain approval. Since the mezzanine floor installation contractors have wide experience in construction and safety measures they can easily provide the data needed for various approval from the authorized body.

This saves you having to do this detailed and specialized work yourself and can also reduce stress levels!

Where & How do I start?

It all starts with an initial survey and assessment either by your own suitably qualified experts or by the intended mezzanine floor provider. The survey will result in detailed measurements of your facility, and the size and positioning of the intended mezzanine structure.

Following the assessment, and provided the warehouse can accommodate the mezzanine floor, most suppliers will then provide a quote for the infrastructure and installation of the mezzanine, including any works required to adapt the existing warehouse space.

As soon as the full extent of the mezzanine project is scoped and quote is accepted, the project can be scheduled for commencement.

How do I know if Mezzanines is Suitable For My warehouse?

As long as your warehouse has the required height to allow for the extra floor while still keeping enough headroom for easy movement, it can be equipped with a mezzanine structure.

As warehouse facilities generally have a high clearance, just about any facility can be adapted in this way, but existing racking may need to be adapted if a mezzanine is to be constructed over it, as will its positioning to allow for installation of the mezzanine support pillars.

What is The Use Of mezzanine floor in a warehouse?

Mezzanine floors can be used just for anything, though of course you need to be selective about what goods and in what form of racking you might want to store on a mezzanine floor constructed in a warehouse. Furthermore Mezzanine floors the efficiency of the mezzanine contructed in a warehouse can be improved by deploying the use of escalators, conveyor belts, standing walls and storage racking, among other options, to allow them to serve multiple purposes. You can treat your mezzanine as you would any other area of your warehouse facility, providing you install the appropriate components and make provision for easy and safe access and usage at all times.

WE are one of the leading mezzanine floor manufacturers in India, We also provide prefabricated warehouse mezzanines that are durable and adds more storage area in your warehouse. CONTACT US FOR warehouse mezzanine Floors and warehouse mezzanine systems.

How Many Tiers of Mezzanine Flooring Can Be Constructed?

Mezzanine floor are like intermediate floor deployed between the floor and roof of any building. It is possible to construct multi tiers of mezzanine floors, the most importat constraint for constructing mezzanine floors is the available aerial height. Various other factors like load of the mezzanine can also be an important constraint for deploying a mezzanine floor in you business working area. At times there are certain building regulations also that has to be considered while constructing mezzanine floors. The regulation vary from city to city even various countries have different regulations. Constructing a multi tier Mezzanines are not suggested in a seismic prone areas that experience frequent tremors.


Why should I Opt For Mezzanine Construction?

When the need for extra space arises in any working environment without an extra investment in floor area, the mezzanines are the best option. By opting a mezzanine floor construction, you can increase the usable space without adding land cost to your usable floor area. Typically mezzanine floors are used to provide extra storage, office space, warehouse space, production areas, workrooms, canteens, etc., but can be used for anything that requires additional space in your business

We are one of the leading contractors for mezzanine floor construction and we design and fabricate safe and durable mezzanine floors for your business area. Contact us for all your requirement of Mezzanine floor construction and we assure your that you will be connected with leading mezzanine floor contruction company in India.

What Are The Mezzanine flooring Installation process?

The processes invloved from inception to implemetation of mezzanine floowing are as follows

  • Site survey and study of the site where mezzanine flooring installation is to be deployed.
  • Mezzanine flooring system design and production of various layout and mezzanine flooring drawings preparation.
  • Various approvals from clients and approval from authorities pertaining to building regulations.
  • Structural design and steel fabrication for mezzanine flooring installations.
  • Transportation of the pre-fabricated mezzanine flooring structure to client site, at time complete fabrication work is done on site depending on the complexity of the mezzanine flooring constructions.

Contact us for all your requirements mezzanine flooring contractions. We pioneer as mezzanine flooring construction companies in India and we are renowned for mezzanine floor installations that are most durable.

Why is Mezzanine Floor Needed?

As the real estate prices increase globally, the urge for increasing the usable floor space density is constantly rising. By deploying a Mezzanine flooring it can be an excellent way of gaining extra usable floor space. The added on floor space can be utilized for storage, office facilities or just about any other functions that is required by you, without the need for external expansion. Some constraint like the height is an important factor that is to be considered before planning to deploy mezzanine floors.

Contact us, if you need extra space we can also do a complete feasibility study to assess if a mezzanine can provide the best return of your investment for extra usable space. We are leading mezzanine floor contractors in India backed by vast experiance of mezzanine floor construction and mezzanine floor design.

Is their Any Design Restriction For Mezzanine Floor Construction

Generally there is no design restriction. There is no size, shape, number of floor levels or height restrictions as we offer an extensive range of floor loading options to suit most applications. Our mezzanine floor contraction drawings are tailor made designs, to suit your custom requirement, and we provide all safety measures for the mezzanine floors. The Mezzanine Floors Construction will add extra usable floor space for your business that can be used for storage or seating arrangements


Can Proper Storage Racks be mounted to a mezzanine?

Yes, storage racks can be mounted on mezzanine. The main constraint for the deployment of the storage racks on mezzanine floors are rated to support the weight of the rack and the items stored. The storage racks are anchored to the floor of the mezzanine with nuts, bolts, & washers (possibly anchor plates) instead of concrete anchors. The height of the racks also depends on the height and total clearance of the mezzanine floor to roof clearance.

Pallet Racking

What is The Importance Of Row Spacers and Wall Ties for Pallet Racking?

Wall ties are pretty self-explanatory, and are used if you have a single row of pallet racking against a wall, for instance. It connects the structure to the wall, and is often required if the rack is tall. Provide more rigidity and durablility to the structure

Row spacers are meant to space pallet rack that is placed back to back. They connect upright to upright, and are used for a few different reasons. First, they keep the aisles in line and neat, making your warehouse look more organized. They provide spacing between the two bays of rack so that the pallets don’t damage each other. Lastly, they stabilize the pallet rack. A 12 inch spacer is the most common, which allows for a 3 inch overhang on both sides, and 6 inches in the middle between loads. However, other sizes are used if there are different circumstances, like if there is a column in the way and the rack needs to be further spaced apart to get around it.

Do you provide all types of Pallet Racking?

Yes, we provide wide range of pallet racking that includes Adjustable Pallet Racking, Narrow Aisle Racking, Galvanized Racking, Drive-in Racking, Drive Through Racking, Cantilever Racking and various forms of niche Specialist Racking browse our website.
Also, as an experienced pallet racking manufacturer we can work with you to design and manufacture a racking system that exactly meets your needs. The supports and design engineers handling this division have exhaustive experience in design and deployment of pallet racking and storage solution that enables us to provide most durable and best return of your investment for all types of pallet racking and shelving solutions

Contact us for all you need of pallet racking solutions for all types of storage solutions

What’s the most common type of Pallet Racking?

Adjustable Pallet Racking (APR) is probably the most widely used racking system for storing pallets in a racking and shelving storage solutions. WE manufacture a wide range of adjustable pallet racking includes standard, narrow aisle and galvanised adjustable racking. Adjustable pallet racking is the best racking shelving storage solution used as warehouse racks . Racking beams are available as open or boxed sections to cater for any load capacity,

We can design, build and install this for you, meeting your specifications.

What are the parameters for purchasing a PALLET RACKS?

Picking out pallet racking for your warehouse may seem a confusing task if you have not been exposed to a warehouse environment then try considering some of the following parameters for your Pallet racks that can be deployed for storage system.

  • What are the items you are storing?
  • What is the weight of the items you are storing?
  • What is the size of the items you are storing?
  • What is the height of your warehouse ceiling?
  • How high will your forklift lift?
  • Will the items be hand stacked on the racking, or will they placed in the rack using a forklift?
  • Are you placing the items on a standard size pallet (40″W x 48″D)?

Contact us and we can provide a turnkey solution for all your storage requirements and deployment of pallet racks

How to Select Best Pallet Rack Shelving?

Pallet Rack Shelving is used to store warehouse items horizontally and vertically. The items are shelved using skids or pallets, and make shipping easier. These are the best types of shelving to invest in.

Following Point Can Be Considered While Opting To Buy Best Pallet Rack for Shelving

  • Choose pallet rack shelving that is made of steel components. Stay away from fiberglass or aluminum shelving, as these will provide enough strength and durability
  • Choose heavy duty pallet racks which can be bolted together as fixtures. If you have to go with a used pallet rack, do so, but don’t buy a rack that you have to snap together, such re used pallet racks may not be durable in the longer run.
  • Choose pallet rack decking that has an appropriate footplate capacity of at least 20,000 lbs. Most warehouses use a standard 5″ x 8″ footplate which has about 36″ of shelf spacing Choose pallet racks that which provide add-on units. Most pallet rack shelving has the option of adding more units as and when it is required for storage solution.

What is A Fork Entry Bar In Pallet Racks

Fork Entry Bars is a componemt or accessories used in pallet rack system that are designed to fit on pallet rack systems. The purpose of the Fork Entry Bars is to allow the forklifts to enter under the products being stored on top of the fork entry bar. The Fork entry bars are such designed that it can used for storing unparallelled loads or unsuitable pallets on the pallet racking system and the item can be moved using a fork lift truck.

What is M Divider In Pallet Racks

M Dividers are the components commonly used in racks storing wood and other vertical stored products, this increases the pallet rack space and efficiency.M dividers divide product that is being stored upright in a rack system. M-Dividers are formed of 3/8” or 1” diameter tube. 3/8” rod are used in applications where the inventory may be long, but light weight.The tubing diameter depends on the load capacity of the pallet racks. 1” tubing is more considered for heavy stock products.

What are The recommended clearances between pallet loads?

While planning a storage racking system clearance around the loads is an important constraint that is to be considered with the size and shape of the loads. Constricted clearance can result in damage to both the loads and the storage racks. Generally the efficiency of the storage system may be reduced in order to minimize the operational damage as the operator slow down the movement of the loads, and this can drastically add to the operation cost of the storage system. On the contrary, excess of clearance may lead to increase in construction cost and reduce the unit storage area of the storage system.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems have tighter operating tolerances and, therefore, may be able to function with tighter clearances. The user of the installation is responsible for assuring that these operating clearances are conveyed to the rack designer.

We are a a company backed by team if professional that design and deploy the turnkey storage solution for your diversified need with optimum clearance between loads and maximize the storage density.

Contact us for all you needs of storage and racking system

What Is Carton Flow Pallet Rack

Carton flow racking provides immense storage ands racking solution for goods that primarily operate by First In, First Out (FIFO) movement management. In a carton flow racking and storage system the loading in the racking system is done from the rear end, enabling smooyh and easy movement & management of goods storedUnlike other pallet rack types, carton flow racking systems automatically rotate products by design, allowing for maximum efficiency and storage organization.

Some Advantage of carton flow rack system

  • Carton flow rack systems provides higher efficiency as it increase productivity without requiring much work on the operator’s part
  • Carton flow rack systems are ideal for inventory that is perishable or works best with FIFO management
  • Perfect for display of goods as the Inventory is fully visible at all times

We are leading manufacturer of carton flow racks and various other types of pallet racks. Contact us for all type of racking and storage systems and let us provide you heavy duty racking and storage solutions.

What is Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is a storage system designed to store materials on pallets, in horizontal rows with multiple levels. So we can also say that Pallet rack are commonly used for storage of material with an aid of a storage system designed to store materials on pallets (or “skids”). It’s a way to increase storage density and is an integral part to most warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing and storage facilities. Although there are various types of pallet racking, but all types of pallet racking system allows storage of palletized materials that are arranged in horizontal rows with multiple levels high.


What is Push back racking systems

Push back racking systems are racking and shelving structures that are fabricated in roll or structural form. The push back racking systems are most ideal for bulk storage of materials and good, since it is capable of storing products that occupy or run several pallets deep (2-5) and typically measure several levels high. The name Push Back racking system is derived from its storage operations. When a pallet is placed or loaded on the structure, it “pushes” the next pallet back on the rails where it rests as that makes this system commonly known as push back racking system. When the pallets are unloaded from the rails, they are pushed to the front of the structure. These storage structures are loaded using the LIFO system(Last In First Out), and most preferred for large storage systems and warehouses. The push back racking system is deployed with structures that are typically feature with inclined rails and sliding carts, and are often constructed with double lanes.

WE are leading manufacturers and fabricators of Push back racking systems that can be deployed as Industrial Storage system or in large warehouses.

Check our Double Deep Pallet Racking System

What is Drive In Racks

Drive-in racks also terms as Drive through racks are racking and shelving structures that deliver high density storage system. The Drive-in racks storatge system is typically constructed from steel and allow space for a forklift to move into the structure’s bay, which is essentially a lane of stacks. Drive In racks structure is set up that features one way entry and exit for placing and removing goods, while the drive through racks have entry access on the either side of the bay.

The entryway differences typically affect the way materials are stored in drive in racks or Drive through racks systems. In drive-in racks, the goods stored follow the LIFO (last in First Out) process, since single entry for bot storage and retrieval. this makes drive-in racking systems more suitable for nonperishable products and items with a low turnover, as storage is not readily accessible. While the drive-through racking system works on the principle of FIFO (first in first out) . Both drive in and drive-through systems operate in floor-to-ceiling structures.

If you are looking for leading drive in racks manufactirer in India or drive through racks Manufacturers and Suppliers in Indire. Click here for more details of DRIVE IN RACKS

What is Selective Racks

As per the manufacturers of racking and storage system, the selective Racks are one of the most commonly used racking & shelving system deployed in pallet storage rack system. In a selective Racks storage system, The storage unit of pallets are accessible from the structure’s aisle. Selective Racks system comprises of beams that act as a support system for each pallets. Selective Racks system is very versatile racking system used in storage solution, selective Racks is not just limited to any one type of storage, but is generally associated with narrow aisle racking, standard and deep reach systems.

The complete structure of Selective Racks comprises of narrow aisle racking, which requires a specialized narrow lift truck which is used to create optimum space enabling selective rack structure for large storage capacity. Standard systems allow for single deep loading, whereas deep reach systems allow for double the storage amount (of the former unit).

How Can I secure my racking system?

You can comply to the following for a secure racking system used in an storage system

Racks must be structurally attached to the following, if the overall height from the floor to the top load beam exceeds six times, but no more than eight times the depth of the frame.

Chose from the list below

  • Replace standard frame footplates with oversized seismic footplates requiring two anchors per footplate or four anchors per frame.
  • Tie frames to a concrete wall using wall ties that do not exceed 10’-0” (vertically) from each other.
  • Tie frames to adjacent row frame using cross aisle ties.
  • Tie frames to another row (create back to back row) using row spacers that do not exceed 10’-0” (vertically) from each other.

Why choose Girraffe brand for pallet racking?

Giraffe Storage Solutions manufactures and markets all its storage solution products under the brand name of “GIRAFFE”. We manufacture an unrivaled range of quality pallet racking systems that are robust, durable and safe. As a pallet racking manufacturer, we’re able to offer a wide range of components, enabling us to offer a cost effective pallet racking storage solution that meets your exact needs and pallet specifications. We have a high end manufacturing facilities backed by experienced team of qualified profession that enables us to manufacturer international quality of pallet racks and diversified range of storage solutions. We can be one of the most trusted vendor for you storage solution requirements as we have a wide storage product portfolio and we also offer turnkey storage solutions as per custom needs

Does adjustable pallet racking has an alternative?

Drive-In Racking can be most common racking solution as an alternative solution to adjustable pallet racking. Just like any Adjustable Pallet Racking system, Drive-in racking is also perfect solution for storing crush-able goods that cannot be block stacked. These storage racking solution are also suitable for pallets with predictable stock movements, such as a stock rotation operated on a FILO (First In Last Out) basis for goods movements.

Drive-in racking are preferred as it allows a higher degree of space utilization since the racking can be done in a continuous block and aisles are not needed. Forklift trucks drive into the racking installation to pick up or drop off pallets which are stored one behind the other, on specially designed cantilever rails.
Giraffe brand manufactured by Dewas Techno products pvt. Ltd. also provides Specialist Racking solution for diversified need of racking and shelving solutions

Visit our product categories of the website to preview various storage solution that we manufacturer which can best suit your storage requirements

What to do if i feel there can be structural problem with my rack system?

In an event that there are any worries about basic issues with the storage rack system, then main need should be to securely and promptly empty the zone bolstered by the harmed segment and to keep loads from being set into that territory. At that point, the storage rack system manufacturer or the vendor’s representative should be summoned for complete re evaluation of the storage rack system. On the off chance that the manufacturer can’t be identified, an autonomous specialist, experienced in the design and implementation of the storage racks, ought to be held for an assessment.

Is periodical inspection necessary for storage racks?

It is aldvisale to implement and inspection programs for the storage racks, ths rack owner should implement a program of regularly scheduled storage rack system inspections. The inspection should be c onducted by industry experiance qualified profession with all date stamping of the inspection results. The inspections can also be outsourced to company that deals with fabrication of storage rack solution or consultants who have in depth knowledge of the storage racks system design and implementations.

Following can be considered for periodically inspection of storage rack system.

  • Check for any damage or abuse and immediately after any event that occurs that may result in damage to the rack.
  • The frequency of storage rack inspections can be up to the discretion of the rack owner, generally based on conditions of use.
  • On an avaerage an inspections should be performed atleast once a year.
  • The inspection schedule and results of the inspection should be documented and retained for future use with all time stamps.
  • Mandatory to schedule an immediate inspection, in a seismic prone areas post any event that is recorded on rictor scale.

Mobile Racks / Compactors

What are the benefits of Mobile Shelving / Compactor Storage

Compactors storage are frequently deployed for storage solutions. Storage Compactors that are uses the terminology Mobile racking shelving system offers various un parallel benefits over the conventional storage system. Some of the common benefits of Compactors storage / Mobile racking shelving system as listed as follows.

  • Compactors storage/ Mobile storage increases storage space in small locations
  • Compactors storage/ Mobile storage Can be added to standard shelving units
  • Brakes and anti-tip protection ensure safety in Compactors storage/ Mobile storage
  • Compactors storage/ Mobile storage rolls easily by hand
  • Low profile track mounts flush onto existing floor
  • Compactors storage/ Mobile storage Systems can use aerial space/ height up to 12ft tall
  • Re-use your existing Metal ware shelving in a Mobile Syste
  • Use a combination of static and mobile shelving to maximize your space

How safe is it to operate a mobile Rack?

Mobile storage is extremely safe for all storage and racking solutions. The compactors/Mobile storage racks comprises of a unique locking hand wheel ensures that the open aisle is braked, and that the adjacent mobile base units cannot close up the aisle whilst personnel are accessing the shelving. This makes our mobile storage racks most efficient and safe for use.

Moreover the raw material that we use for the fabrication of mobile storage racks / Compactors are tested for its quality that enables us to fabricate durable mobile racks / Compactors with all the safety parameters thoroughly inspected before its shipped to our clients. This ensures heavy duty compactors / Mobile racks with low maintenance.

What about maintenance of compactors

Mobile storage racks can easily be maintained. We design our compactors / mobile storage racks that makes it a low maintenance and trouble free operation for high returns of storage investment. Low and easily maintained compactors are mainly as we use high quality running gear and materials. Some high activity installations have been in use for many years without servicing – although we do recommend an annual service routines, as good housekeeping will ensure years of trouble-free use.

Is it hard to move a mobile rack?

The compactors or the mobile storage racks that are manufactured by us are very handy with geared drive system that enables fully loaded mobile shelving bases to be operated with minimum effort. These mobile storage racks can be used efficiently with smooth operation of its movements and can be moved with a gentle push. Furthermore, since we used high quality raw material the movements in the mobile racks causes minimum wear and tear in the wheels thus providing a long lasting maintenance free mobile racks storage and shelving solution

Warehouse Racks

What areThe Advantages Of Rack Supported Warehouses

Rack supported warehouses also termed as pre engineered buildings are being one of the fastest growing technology. Rack supported warehouses are deployed even in high seismic one area providing a stable structures. The main reason for this is that rack supported warehouses provides various advantages over the conventional R.C.C warehouses. Some of common advantages of these rack supported warehouses are listed below

  • Rack supported warehouses provide turnkey solution
  • Rack supported warehouses can be easily integrated easily with an AS/RS system
  • By deploying Rack supported warehouses it eliminates building columns since rack supports the structure
  • Can be built at heights over 100 feet
  • Inclement weather and seismic conditions have minimal impact on the building
  • Utilizes height instead of land mass
  • Tax advantages available ( various country to country)

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what is rack supported warehouse

Rack supported warehouses are pre engineered building comprising of a complete racking system that provides the basic structural support for thewarehouse roof and walls. The highest density storage solution possible for nearly every type of pallet rack, this method of building construction reduces construction costs, lead times and minimizes the building footprint.When land is at a premium and an accelerated construction schedule is required, a rack supported building is the optimal choice.

At Giraffe, we fabricate and provide turnkey solution for pre engineered building and rack supported warehouses and provide most economic storage solution when a new storage warehouses is required. Although AS/RS applications are the most common type of rack supported building, other racking systems such as Drive-In and Push-Back are also available.

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What is a warehouse racking system?

Pallet racking system is the most common form of warehouse racking systems, and they’re basically a storage system designed to stack materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels. The benefits are simple enough: why spend more money to add square feet to a warehouse when you could be utilizing wasted vertical space?

These racks are usually topped with pallets, which are one of the most primitive (but effective) means of storage. Forklifts allow for simple movement between the racking systems to transportation vehicles, which add efficiency to most types of warehouses.

We are one of the leading manufcaturers of pallet racks that are most commonly deployed in a warehouse for all warehouse racking system.

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What Are The Various Requirements Of a Storage Warehouse?

Following are some of the requirements of any storage warehouses

  • The warehouse building should be structurally strong and safeguarded against theft and hazardous events. Strong security and fencing should be provided to the warehouses. The walls of the building should be of brick, stone or concrete and the roof of slate, tiles or iron.The building must comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Adequate locking devices with proper air ventilation should be provided with the storage warehouses.
  • Warehouse to be equipped with various security devices and measures to prevent illegal dispatch of goods. A separate area for the safekeeping of goods which have not being released due to detention and seizure must be provided.
  • Efficient use of floor space for providing maximum storage density with efficient deployment of structural racks that make the racking and storage system of the warehouse.
  • Sufficient space and facilities relevant to conduct examination and necessary staff must be provided to ensure reliable service for the opening, unpacking and re-packing of goods.
  • The warehouse must be independent from other buildings that serve a different purpose. Entry and exit into and out of warehouse should not lead to other building apart from the warehouse i.e. if another floor or a portion of the building is a duty free store; there must be means of access to the latter other than through the warehouse.
  • The warehouse building approval issued by the local municipality.

We provide various racking ans storage system that includes high rise storage with multi tier storage system. Con tact us for all types of racking and shelving solution that can be deployed in your warehouse.

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What is The Price of Storage System is There Any Hidden Cost

The price you are quoted by our sales team includes the cost of your storage unit. This price will be based on the requirement submitted to us (in case of custom specification). We also have various of the shelf storage products that has fixed price. you can browse our website to explore our product portfolio and send an inquiry. We will provide you detail quotes that can be custom quote or also of the shelf price for standard products. The cost provided in the quotes is final and no hidden cost.

What Should Be The Basic Maintenance of Storage Rack?

Certain basic maintenance or preventive mantance to be performed for storage racks are as follows

  • Wipe down and re-grease inner and outer shelf carriage channels, annually or as needed.
  • Re-grease slide areas of automatic safety interlock channel located on right hand side of rack. Annually or as needed.
  • Check floor anchors and verify ½” hex head nuts are tight and secure.

Depending on level of use and cleanliness of environment, bearings may need to be replaced after 10-15 years.