Metal Pallet Vs Wooden Pallet

Metal pallets have been gradually replacing the wooden pallets mainly as metal pallets have various advantages over the wooden pallets. The advantage of using a metal pallets or steel pallets over wooden pallet is based on some of the following parameter.


  • Metal Pallets: Excellent in providing all safety as the metal pallets are non breakable, does not contaminate and easy to decontaminate
  • Wood Pallets: Provides low safety as compared to metal pallets as wooden pallets are easily breakabe, causes splinters, protruding Nails, easy to contaminate and very difficult to decontaminate.


  • Metal Pallets: These are virtually maintenance free and come with years of guarantee provided by the manufacturers.
  • Wooden Pallet: The life of wooden pallets is considerably less maybe few months can be the life of the wooden pallets as compared to several years of life for metal pallets.


  • Metal Pallets: perfectly suited in an ASRS equipments that can be fully or semiautomatic ASRS as it works very smoothly on the conveyor belts of the material handling conveyor system
  • Wooden Pallets: Not so suited for working in an ASRS environment as the wooden pallets racks out of the square and the wooden prices can also jam out expensive part of the conveyor system.


  • Metal pallet and Wooden pallets both can be flexible for designing into various size and shapes.


  • Metal Pallets:  cleanliness can be maintained with the use of metal pallets and also an organized layout in the storage area.
  • Wooden Pallets: The warehouse deploying wooden pallets are difficult to maintain the cleanliness, due to frequent breakage, splinters and pieces of wood, harbor bugs, fungus, and various other contaminates. Wooden pallet are never preferred for a clean environment storage solution


  • Metal Pallets: completely fire proof and can never be a fuel to a fire
  • Wooden pallet: Can easily burn and add be like a fuel to the fire.


  • Metal Pallets are quite adaptable to any kind of climatic condition change except for very hot climate where metal can turn bit hot but at low and mild template it remains adamant to any change
  • Wooden Pallet: Wood gets stiff and can brittle out in a very cold climatic condition, while there is no change in wooden pallet under the mild and hot climatic conditions.