The main goal of Giraffe Storage Solutions, is to provide a heavy duty maintenance free Sustainable storage solutions as an Competitive Advantage. The foundations for success in the marketplace are numerous, but a simple model is based around the triangular linkage of the company, its customers and its competitors – three-way relationship, while leveraging the effect of the experience curve.

Seeking a sustainable competitive advantage has become the prime concern of the management of Giraffe Storage Solutions that are alert to the realities of the marketplace. It is no longer acceptable to assume that good products will sell themselves, neither is it advisable to imagine that success today will carry forward into tomorrow, without assuring sustainable competitive advantage.

Over a period of time, it has been understood that our customers don’t buy our products, they buy “benefits” that they get with our products. Put another way, the storage solution products purchased by our clients are not for itself but for the its features and quality to “deliver”. Unless the product or service we offer can be distinguished in some way from its competitors there is a strong likelihood that the marketplace will view it as a “commodity” and so the sale will tend to go to the cheapest supplier.