Heavy Duty Pallet Racks That provides Safety & Durability

Durability and Safety in a Pallet racking system has always been a prime concern for both pallet racks system manufactures and also the end user of the pallet racking system deployed for various storage solution. Breach of safety can not only damage a huge inventory, but also human life, that’s priceless. While designing the pallet racking system certain safety and durability constraints should always be considered.Pallet racking system should be so designed that it provide a heavy duty pallet racking system for more robust material handling environment. The Heavy duty industrial pallet rack should also provide all safety measure to refrain from any disasters.

Pallet Racks Designs for Durability

  • Material : structural vs. roll-formed
  • Horizontal spacing
  • Boxed or double columns
  • Rub rails / heavy horizontals at the floor
  • Post protectors / bull noses
  • Multiple anchors
  • Bolt in pallet supports
  • Load Density

Safety Accessories that are used in pallet racking system

  • Safety Bar – Pallet rack safety bars are used in pallet rack for added pallet fall protection. Safety bars connect from the front to the back of the cross beams.
  • Safety Beam Clip – Safety beam clips are found on pallet rack cross beams. These clips create a safety connection between the upright frame and the cross beam. The most common style of a pallet rack clip is the universal safety drop pin.
  • Safety Netting – Safety Netting Is made of a nylon or plastic mesh placed on the back of rack systems for increased safety and fall protection.
  • Wire Mesh Deck – Wire mesh decks are made of welded wire that rests on the beams of the racking system, creating a shelf level for added protection from falling pallets or products. Most wire decks have support channels welded on the bottom of the wire for increased load support capacity.

Some of the preventive maintenance for the Pallet racking system that should be regularly practiced are as follows

  • Ensure that the racks are inspected for damage on a periodic basis
  • Develop repair criteria for damage
  • Ensure that all re-profiling is reviewed by vendor’s engineering department
  • DO NOT utilize repair kits unless approved by original rack manufacturer
  • Insist on driver training certification for all new  operators, and recertification for existing at  appropriate intervals
  • When damage occurs, immediately unload bay until  repair is completed

Also Check various components and terminoliies that are used while fabrication a pallet racking system