Compactors For Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving by deplying Mobile Racks are modern age solution for new office, and institutional operations. Various manufacturer of Mobile racking and shelving solution have thier own desired expertise and skill in supplies of Mobile Racks (Compactor). This product is the basic requirement of all the modern work place for the smooth functioning of the office. It has really become a solution to the secrecy issues regarding the office secrets anywhere in the world and thus arises the need of the clients for selected Compactors Storage. Mobile Rack Compact Storage System offer many advantages which make it the utility item of today. These can store ample amount of office items, material and much more. The Compactor Storage Systems are required by many industries to fulfill various demands of safety storage and movement of property from one place to another. These racks stand rock in tough conditions of Indian workplace.

Mobile shelving units have omni-directional wheel housings. These allow easy movement as well as reconfiguration of storage space. They are also great ways to move heavy items without getting injured. Compactor storage or Mobile Racks are more space efficient as compared tostatic storage and racking system. Mobile Compactor System is based on the same components as a static system. Mounted onto light or heavy duty base units which can be moved in parallel direction to each other, the system only requires one aisle to provide access to all items in stock. Depending on the system, storage capacity increases between 100% and 180% respectively floor space occupation reduces by up to 50%.

Useful for compact storage small space, the Mobile Compactor Systems are designed as per the floor space available and for storage and movement. The manufacturer of compactors always have a deep study of the requirement of the user, prior to the fabrication and design of the compactor. These storage units are mostly tailor made as per the requiements of the user. The Mobile Compactor Systems are very compact and provide smooth mobility and an exclusive locking systems for the storage security.

Types of Compactor For Mobile Rack Systems.

  • Manual type:These types of systems are generally made for light weight items. They are operated manually and do not have a motorized drive mechanism. This type of system is effective for quiet and easy operation at lesser cost and offers effective space saving in comparison to Mechanical type systems.
  • Mechanical type:  This type of system fulfills need for medium or heavy duty units, units can weigh up to 1MT to 3MT. Generally a hand wheel is provided which is connected to gears, turning the wheel will move the cabinet. This is designed to move heavy cabinets with less effort. Every cabinet comes with a separate hand wheel. High quality material used in our cabinets makes sure that the movement is smooth and quite.


  • Space saving: Compactors Storagecan save up to 80% area because one single aisle is used to operate all the shelves.
  • High storage capacity: The space created by using single aisle can be reused to generate more storage space.
  • Safeguard Items: Loaded items are safe from pilferage, theft and any other kind of damage which is not possible in other storage systems.
  • Saves human effort: Compactor storage systemsruns on rollers, wheels and well lubricated chains which enables movement of unit with minimal human effort.
  • Well organized Material: Every unit has one acrylic sheet on the front panel for easy identification & retrieval of the stored item.