Rivet Shelving: Suitable For Industrial Shelving Solution

At times it gets very confusing to decide which shelving system and work best for Industrial storage racks and shelves. One should need to know the basic details about industrial storage shelves before proceeding with purchases of racks deployed for Industrial storage solutions. There are so many shelving manufacturers nowadays with different varieties of products. Let’s take a look at a basic types of racks required in many industries that can also be most suitable for Industrial Storage rack. There are so many functional applications for rivet shelving, you’ll have a hard time deciding where to use it best.

Rivet Shelving is one of the most common type of shelving solution forIndustrial Shelving Solution.

Rivet Shelving: Rivet shelving can be called one of the most reliable, versatile and most often deployed kind of industrial shelving. It is strong and provides easy access. This bears a capacity of up to 850 Kilogram per shelves level and is constructed using a solid steel frame. Rivet shelves are easy to assemble and can also be fixed to shelves or slid into the prefabricated slots available in the shelving frames. Rivet shelves are also called as boltless shelving. They are mainly used in warehouses, industrial, or storage room applications.


  • Easy installation with no hardware involved.
  • Most economical in all shelves
  • Largest ranges of sizes available
  • One of the highest capacities and can be used for bulk or heavy storage uses.


  • Not very attractive or appealing
  • Will involve more costs for shipping as it is comparatively heavier.
  • While it’s highly customizable in terms of size, there are not a lot of options for it, like you can get with steel shelving. You can put bins on it, but there aren’t many options for things like doors or built in dividers.

We at Giraffe Storage Solutions provide Rivet Shelving solution that enables you to maximize you floor space and organize the items stored with handy rivet shelving/Boltless shelves. The Rivet shelving creates the perfect office storage solution. These Rivet shelves are ideal for office storage rooms, and office work areas. It has a wide range of storage application and can be used to Store paper, office supplies and merchandise neatly and in plain view.

If you own a warehouse that could use some systematic rearranging, try out some rivet shelves manufactured by us. You can organize your warehouse or storage facility more efficiently with durable rivet shelving. High-density rivet shelving is designed to provide maximum vertical clearance between shelves for smarter storage of goods. it’s open design allows for minimal dust accumulation and easy access merchandise. Finally, keep out the clutter in your storage area with this affordable and versatile shelving. Perfect for storing tools, sporting goods, car equipment and more. You can even hop through our rivet shelving units, rivet workbenches and rivet tables in our rivet shelving section. Find a new and inventive way to utilize rivet shelving in your life!