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Make In India Hand Pallet Truck
A Powerful Transport Aids.

Giraffe Storage has a wide range of Hand Pallet Trucks available for heavy loads, flat pallets, special dimensions, simultaneous weighing, and much more besides. You can rest assured that we have the right-hand pallet truck for your needs. Contact us.

    Product Specification

    Integrated Pump with hydraulic pump,entry/exit rollers provide smooth pallet access & increase productivity

    Solid frame & reinforces fork ensure high reliability

    Ergonomic handle to provide comfortable & efficient operation

    Standard nylon wheel, optional PU & cast iron wheels are available

    More stable & stronger chassis design enclosed the forl root by welding


    — Make in India product.
    — Reduce man efforts, Man hours, Manpower &
    — Reduce chances of accidents due to improper
    — Increase productivity & efficiency by smooth flow
    of material.
    — Simple, economic & reliable handling equipment.
    — Hydraulic Pump Passed the Strict Test, Convenient
    Design for Repair or Maintenance.
    — Durable Chassis with High Strength.


    — Automobile Sector
    — Engineering Sector
    — Supermarkets
    — Retails
    — Agriculture & Seafood etc.
    — Pharmaceutical Sector
    — Logistics Sector
    — Electronics Sector
    — Food and Beverages

    Hand pallet trucks: Agile
    helpers with high capacity

    Our hand pallet trucks represent a cost-effective solution for many transport tasks involving short distances. We have the right model for all requirements.Their high capacity of up to three tons and easy manoeuvrability in tight spaces make hand pallet trucks the perfect warehouse aid.

    For more details contact us at +919752497382 or email us at mhe1@giraffestorage.com

    Hand pallet trucks with
    precision weighing technology

    In many cases, goods need to be weighed as well as being transported in warehouses, production and dispatch. For such applications, you can take the scales to the goods thanks to our hand stackers with mobile weighing systems.

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