Multi Tier Shelving

As the real estate prices rise, the storage system designer focus more on effective utilization of floor space to attain high density storage of floor space utilization to suffice various storage needs. The best way of increasing the per square foot storage space is making appropriate use of vertical available space for storage, that can be termed as Multi tier racking system or Multi Tier Shelving for storage system.. These are very commonly deployed in tall warehouses making effective use of vertical free space in the warehouse.

The multi-tier shelving solution is based on the proven quick assembly system of multiple tiers. Two Tier racking ( two levels) and three tier ( three levels) racking systems are most commonly used in various types of storage system. These are the fabricated structures that comprises of clinched frames to set up the complete multi tier racks, with attached reinforcements the racks are inserted in clips to form the complete assembly of multi tier racking system. Tracks are mounted to provide access to the shelves and efficient rotation of the stored products in the multi tier racking system.

The multi-tier shelving solution is generally preferred in manual picking and can be up to four level high. The tracks in the shelves should be with modern design and minimal steel work to reduce the static load of the complete structure. The tracks are mainly attached by brackets to the punch holes in the upright sections, and reinforced by supports according to the track width and/or loading. The simple and rapid assembly means an increased cost advantage compared with competitor systems.
With the multi-tier shelving system, the frames are steel structures consisting of sections bolted together with horizontal and diagonal struts. This type of design ensures a high degree of rigidity and allows multie-tier storage structures to be created. Shelves are also attached to their supports by lateral clips, so that the full width of the shelves is available for use.

We at Dewas Techno Products Pvt Ltd, are one of the leading fabricator and manufacture of Multi-tier shelving system that are designed and manufactured as per the custom requirements of our customers. The multi tier racks that we specialize in are two tier racks, three tier racks and up to four levels of multi tier racks. The complete multi tier racks assembly is equipped with floors and stairs to create Multi-tier racking applications with his aesthetics. Our Multi Tier Shelving System use two types of industrial flooring systems: either intermediate walkways, floor-over systems or a combination of both.