Cantilever Racking Systems & Its Componenets

A cantilever storage rack system is a free standing rack system with horizontal arms extending out from a single vertical column. This is where you can store long or bulky objects that cannot fit in traditional storage. They can easily accommodate products like lumber, pipes or even rolls of paper and fabric. Because cantilever rack systems have no vertical obstruction, they create an opportunity for greater horizontal storage space. This arm rack system is effective for storing non-uniform products, including furniture, building materials, sheet metal, heavy duty metals, pipe, bar stock, appliances, rugs and much more. Cantilever racks can be manufactured using either roll formed or structural steel, depending on the capacity needs of the application. Read more

Various Benefits Of Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are one of the racking system that had wide range of application for diversified storage and racking solutions. Cantilever racks are used for storing long, awkward loads that cannot be stored on traditional racking. Storage for long loads, such as timber, trusses, pipes or plywood, is a tricky business. There are not many available options to keep those kinds of items secure and accessible. The best options are floor stacking or cantilever racking. Read more