What is right for your storage system: Industrial Shelving Or Pallet Racking

Most common thought that can come to a mind while designing is racking and shelving storage system is , the need of shelves or racks?
The answer really depends on the type of items that are being stored . If you’re going to store handpicked items, then probably you can opt the shelving solution for storage of items because you’ll more than likely hand-select what you need,eg pharmaceutical products. But, If you are storing large volumes of similar products like shoes, sporting goods, or toys, food items, eetc you would probably want a pallet rack system because these items are usually bound in stacks on pallets. Read more

Storage Solutions for Documents & Records

For any storage solutions for documents & Records, it is generally recommended to choose steel shelving with an appropriate weight capacity that can efficiently handle the records loads of any organizations. Some suggestions that will help you choose the best storage solutions for documents & Records application to any organization that can be private of government. Read more