Pallet Rack System Components

Pallet racking system is one of the most common racking and storage solutions that is deployed for storage of various goods. The complete structure of pallet racks is fabricated with use of various components. To design and fabricate the pallet racks, one should deeply understand the various common terminologies or the pallet racks components used in the fabrication of pallet racks storage system

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Metal Pallet Vs Wooden Pallet

Metal pallets have been gradually replacing the wooden pallets mainly as metal pallets have various advantages over the wooden pallets. The advantage of using a metal pallets or steel pallets over wooden pallet is based on some of the following parameter.


  • Metal Pallets: Excellent in providing all safety as the metal pallets are non breakable, does not contaminate and easy to decontaminate
  • Wood Pallets: Provides low safety as compared to metal pallets as wooden pallets are easily breakabe, causes splinters, protruding Nails, easy to contaminate and very difficult to decontaminate.

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