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Success of any projects begins with its layout and design on paper before its implemented. Whether is a design of a warehouse, or a high-rise shelving system it demands careful planning, and budget control. Industries always look at racking and shelving solutions as a long-term investment, workspace and storage systems need to be practical, robust and to have the flexibility to be adapted as requirements change.

At DTPL, we have skilled structural engineer backed with computer software and skill that enables them to design a robust racking and storage solutions. The design and plans formulated by us are cost effective and with high return of investments. Safety and durability are of prime concern of the design consideration of any projects that we undertake. The design and planning is a joint effort of the skilled technocrats that formulate the team of DTPL.

Our full trained staff will be able to offer:

  • A comprehensive site survey
  • Consultation with you throughout the process
  • Design plans of the best solution for your room and available space, down to the individual drawer layout
  • Installation using trained installers